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Why us

Unified ecosystem
to source candidates across globe,
assess and track applications.

When you hire the
wrong people you are

Wasting money

Wasting time

Delaying your goals

Not build toward success

To hire the right people all
you'll need to do is...

Step 1
Choose a Job ad from predefined
templates or create custom

Step 2
Our skill assessments screen, assess
and scores all the applications

Step 3
Focus on top quality candidates and
find your perfect match

We understand that hiring the right people will be the key driving factor to your success.


Top talent produces four 
times as much as the 
average employee.


87% of HR professionals 
reported “few or no 
qualified applicants” for 
the positions they were 
trying to fill.


27% of companies said a 
bad hire cost them over 


57% of job seekers lose 
interest in a job if the 
hiring process is lengthy

Ideal for


High growth companies scaling rapidly

Remote first

And anyone who wants to hire the best fit
candidate for the job

Uncover the best candidates by using the most predictive assessments

All candidates will go through our
custom-built assessments:

Cognitive tests & games

These testing instruments are designed to measure a candidate’s cognitive functions such as learning and reasoning abilities. They will also measure executive function and speed.

Technical skill tests

Pre-written assessments for testing hard skills required to do the job. These are great for testing hard skills for web developer and IT roles in particular.

Personality questionnaires

This allows us to show you which candidates are the best cultural fit for your company.

Custom questionnaires

Have burning questions you want your candidates to answer, add custom questions to the hiring process.

About us

The story behind PerfectlyHired.

Joe Cohen was in the middle of trying to grow SelfHacked and SelfDecode when he realized he was at a standstill.

He was wasting all of his time onboarding employees that wouldn’t even end up being good at the jobs they were hired to do. He was wasting millions of dollars on bad hires.

The problem was during phone interviews, candidates sold themselves really well and seemed like they would be a good fit for the role. It turns out that research shows interviews are not effective at picking good employees.

Interviews weren’t working, so Joe knew he needed to create a system that would narrow down his candidate pool and point him in the right direction.

PerfectlyHired is born!

Joe created a series of tests that narrowed down his candidate pool to the top 1% of contenders.

No bias, no guesswork, no wasting time, perfect results.

“I was at a point where I either had to create a system to help me find the right candidates or my business was going to go down”

– Joe Cohen, Founder


Satisfied professionals and companies trust our process