Privacy Policy

1. General

1.1 This Privacy Policy governs PerfectlyHired(Supplier) and its customers’ treatment of information relating to persons who become in contact with perfectlyHired products or services.

1.2 Each person who downloads, saves, installs, uses, accesses, interfaces with, or otherwise causes themselves to be exposed to the Service or any part thereof or any software, information or other item provided through or forming a part of the Supplier’s website (any such person hereinafter a “Data Subject”) acknowledges and agrees that certain Personal Data and other information about them may be collected and processed by the Supplier and its Customers.

2. Data collection

2.1 We collect data from different places and different people:

2.2 Data that comes directly from the candidate. This will be the data collected to set up a profile, apply for roles and take part in assessments.

2.3 Data that comes from recruiters. This will be the data collected to process the application and could include notes on the application, and assessment scores and data from publicly available sources, such as LinkedIn or other sources.

2.4 We collect and use a number of different types of data, some of which is personal data and some of which is not.  All personal data is subject to policies and procedures to keep the data secure. To process applications we will collect some, or all of the following categories of data:

2.4.1 Your contact information, such as name, home address, email address, telephone and/or mobile phone number.

2.4.2 Identity verification information.

2.4.3 Information on your educational background (e.g., academic titles, diplomas, schools, and universities attended, skills and merits related) and professional records (e.g., professional experience, duration of previous job contracts, previous position titles, practice areas, assessments established by your previous employers).

2.4.4 Information on your skills which may be relevant for the recruiter (e.g., possession of a valid driving license or extra skills, the value and usefulness of which should be emphasised during the recruitment process such as your linguistic competencies, whether oral or written).

2.4.5 Information on your personal situation if explicitly asked by the recruiter (e.g., information on gender, date of birth, nationality, private address, civil status, parenthood).

2.4.6 Other information in some cases required by the recruiter to be submitted by you during the process of assessments

2.4.7 Information contained in your self-recorded videos (e.g., sound and images).

2.4.8 Information about how you use the suppliers services (e.g., date and time your device connects with supplier’s nameservers, what information, and files you have uploaded, saved, accessed, rectified, or otherwise modified, the features you use, your search queries and the amount of data you submit).

2.4.9 Personal messages and comments you submit on a voluntary basis (e.g., reviews on the application process) or provided by you when raising questions or introducing complaints.

3. Data processing activities

Each Data Subject (including the Customer and his Representative) agrees:

3.1 That the Supplier may collect information (including Personal Data) about a Data Subject: (i) during the negotiation, conclusion and modification of agreements between the Data Subject and the Supplier (the information collected may include the data provided in such agreements and any data furnished for the purposes of negotiating, concluding or amending the same); (ii) when the Data Subject fills in forms via the Service, creates or modifies a user profile or enters or modifies other information associated with his User Account (the information thus provided); (iii) when the Data Subject visits the Supplier’s website (the Data Subject’s IP address, location, entry and exit pages, referral sites and keywords, session time and duration, activities on the site, certain software and hardware attributes); (iv) when the Data Subject downloads, installs, updates or uninstalls the Software or uses, accesses or interfaces with the Service (the location, manner, means and duration of such activity as well as other information that the Data Subject may provide); and (v) when otherwise knowingly made available to the Supplier (the information the Data Subject provides);

3.2 That when visiting the Supplier’s website, cookies may be stored within the visitor’s device;

3.3 To the Supplier’s processing of the respective Data Subject’s Personal Data and such other information about him as referenced in subsection (a) (collectively, “User Data”) for the purposes of: (i) providing the Service; (ii) improving or otherwise modifying the Service and notifying the relevant Data Subjects thereof; (iii) customising the content and/or layout of the Supplier’s website or the Service for the particular visitor or user; (iv) replying to the Data Subject’s communications and contacting him; (v) performing the Supplier’s duties to the Data Subject; (vi) exercising and enforcing the Supplier’s rights; (vii) user statistics and other Service-related analyses;

3.4 That User Data may be processed in the country of his domicile as well as outside it

3.5 that the Supplier will not disclose the respective Data Subject’s Personal Data to any third party besides the members of its corporate group, except when, to the extent and to persons (i) expressly allowed by the Data Subject, (ii) required by law, or (iii) necessary in order to perform the Supplier’s obligations under the Agreement or law, or to exercise its legal rights or defend against claims or other process.

3.6 If a Data Subject participates in the Supplier’s mailing or similar programme, the Supplier may use his Personal Data to send him information about products, services, events and other matters that the Supplier believes may be of interest to the Data Subject.

3.7. The Supplier may send Customers, Representatives and Participants certain communications relating to the Service, such as, e.g., service announcements and administrative messages, without offering them the opportunity to opt out of receiving the same.

3.8 Each Customer agrees that the Supplier may from time to time include the Customer’s name and logo in its customer listings, examples of Software or Service use cases, marketing materials, press releases and similar communications (all within reason).


4. Data Subjects’ rights

4.1 Upon a Data Subject’s request, the processor of his Personal Data (i.e., either the Supplier or the respective Customer, as applicable under the above provisions) will inform him what Personal Data the data processor maintains about him unless such information is otherwise reasonably available to the Data Subject or the data processor is legally restricted from disclosing such records. If any such Personal Data proves to be inaccurate or misleading, the Data Subject is entitled to have the same corrected or, if he is able and authorised to modify such data, correct these data himself.

4.2 Upon a Data Subject’s request (by contacting either the Supplier at support email or the respective Customer using the email address specified in the Campaign), the processor of his Personal Data (i.e., either the Supplier or the respective Customer, as applicable under the above provisions) will delete or remove that Data Subject’s Personal Data, unless restricted to do so based on effective legislation.

4.3 On each occasion where the relevant data processor is allowed to disclose a Data Subject’s Personal Data to third parties he will, to the extent feasible, take appropriate measures to ensure that the person to whom disclosure is made grants the respective Data Subject rights substantially similar to those set forth in this Privacy Policy (including the right to be informed about the data maintained on the Data Subject and the right to correct or have corrected inaccurate or misleading data).


5. Miscellaneous

5.1 Any dispute that may arise under or in connection with this Privacy Policy or the Supplier’s processing of any data shall be subject to the jurisdiction specified in the Terms.

5.2 Nothing in this Privacy Policy shall be construed to limit, or shall otherwise prejudice, the Supplier’s statutory rights.